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Norseman Ski Club - About Us

The Norseman Ski Club was founded informally in 1972 by a group of friends and acquaintances, many of whom had just recently developed an interest in cross-country skiing.

Among the founding members were the original owners of the Norseman Ski Shop, Ted and Lillian Ofstad. Together with some friends who, like them, had grown up with skis on their feet in Norway, the Ofstads taught the beginners proper skiing and waxing techniques and helped the fledgling club get established. In the early years Erik and Helle Eikum and Bjorn and Wava Christiansen led most of the ski tours and their skill and knowledge provided a sound basis in cross-country skiing for our club.

In 1977 the Club was formally incorporated under The Societies Act of Alberta, and by-laws were adopted in accordance with the requirements of the Act. These by-laws constitute the framework for the Club’s operations. By 1978 the Club’s membership had grown so dramatically that it was decided to amend the by-laws to limit membership to 100 member units. This limit was eventually increased to 125 units and then to 150 units by subsequent amendments to the by-laws adopted in 1991 and 2000.

In 1993 the Norseman Ski Club honored the following founding members, who were still active in the Club at that time, by declaring them Master Skiers and life members: Erik and Helle Eikum; Jack and Donna Fournier; Bob and Dot Kerr; Gerald and Ingrid Knutson; Ted and Lillian Ofstad; and Audrey Shelly.

Subsequently, Honorary Membership status has been accorded annually to members who have belonged to the Club for 20 years.